Additional Photos
Comments by Ruth Funkhouser - March 1, 2002

- Victor Products, Hagerstown, MD, December, 1942, Ruth Funkhouser, Justin Funkhouser (standing) R. J. Funkhouser (seated), Chuck Geyer, Jack Clarke, brother of Ruth F.

w3ruth.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser

w3.jpg - Margaret Clarke, Chuck Geyer, Jack Clarke, "Paul," Winchester, December, 1942.

w4.jpg - "Grandma" Clarke (Ruth Funkhouser's mother) and son Robbie.

w5.jpg - Peggy Clarke

w6.jpg - Carol Funkhouser

w7rj.jpg - R. J. Funkhouser at Claymont, April 25, 1943

w7grove.jpg - Bill Grove

w7bunting.jpg - Earl Bunting, Polly Bunting. Ruth Funkhouser: "He was president of O'Sullivan Rubber."

w8clayback.jpg - Entrance of Claymont

w8clayfrntwd.jpg - Claymont

w8clayfront.jpg - Claymont

w9rjdskhgs.jpg - R.J Funkhouser at his desk at Victor Products in Hagerstown, MD.

w10delores.jpg - RJF's daughter, Delores, in spring, 1943.

w10.jpg - Lucy Jones, spring, 1943 with Robbie, Anne, and Carol.

w10lee.jpg - Spring, 1943, Lee Steeley, stepson to Roy and Delores Steeley.
w11silver.jpg - Silver

w12.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser in Winchester, 1943.

w12pegkds.jpg - Peggy Morningstar's daughter, Molly Morningstar, married husband Teddy Ablitt; left to right - Molly, Teddy, Peggy, Bill Grove (partly shown), Chuck Geyer (friend), Peggy, daughter, Judy, Rosemary Frieberg, the ad manager for R.J. for Victor Products.

w13kids.jpg - Avis, Justin, Ruth and Sandy (Avis's daughter) Shupp and the horse, Silver.

w13.jpg - Justin Funkhouser on Silver

w14a.jpg - Chuck Geyer on Martha

w14b.jpg - Chuck Geyer on Martha

w14c.jpg - Justin Funkhouser on Silver

w14xa.jpg - Peggy Clarke (mostly the photographer) and Robbie on horse, Peter the Great, November, 1943, O'Sullivan Farms

w14xb.jpg - Peggy Clarke, Robbie, unknown boy, Peter the Great, Nov. 1943

w14xc.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser, Silver, and Robbie, November, 1943.

w15jack.jpg - Capt. Jack Clarke, Ruth C. Funkhouser's brother, 1943

w15rob.jpg - Robbie

w152nd.jpg - Second grade

w16quarry.jpg - (left to right) Justin Funkhouser, Maria Jane (Ruth's youngest sister), Ruth Funkhouser, John Freiberg on walk on old road to quarry in Harper's Ferry around 1943.

w16aquarry.jpg - Maria, Justin, Ruth, and Rosemary.

w17.jpg - Avis Fithian's son, Taylor, Claymont, 1944.

w17a.jpg - Robbie Funkhouser, grandson of RJF, 1944.

w17b.jpg - cows

w17c.jpg - cows

w18claybug.jpg - Teedie Steiner (friend), Jackie Funkhouser, Robbie F., and Justin F. on steps, "Peter Pony," little welsh pony. Ruth Funkhouser: "We would get into the little cart to go into town to get cigarettes during the war. Isn't that awful?" Summer, 1944, Blakeley.

w19car.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser and Teedie and Ki Steiner, summer 1944, Blakeley. Ruth Funkhouser: "Her (Teedie Steiner) family owned the American Linen Company."

w20jstblk.jpg - Justin Funkhouser on horse, Blakeley farm, summer 1944

w20rthjst.jpg - two on horses

w21.jpg - "This is a winning horse picture in New Orleans, January, 1944."

w22.jpg - "Blakeley Farm, Cathleen Carol Clarke, Jan. 15, 1945, three weeks old"

w23schoola.jpg - Robbie Funkhouser 1945-6

w23schoolb.jpg - Carol Funkhouser 1945-6

w23dane.jpg - "Barry, our great Dane. Justin would get him to grasp in his mouth let him get tired."

w24colora.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser, 1944 on horse, summer, 1944.

w24colorb.jpg - Carol and mother Ruth F., Claymont, summer, 1944.

w25ruth.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser

w25ann.jpg - Ann Crewes, Winchester, VA, summer, 1943.

w25cartoy.jpg - Carol Funkhouser with stuffed toy.

w26pam.jpg - Pamela Smith Funkhouser at four months old, 1945.

w29.jpg - R.J. Funkhouser and wife, Peggy Morningstar, at the Christening party at Blakeley for grand-daughter, Pamela, November 18, 1945.

w29justrth.jpg - Justin and Ruth Funkhouser, November, 1945.

w30avis.jpg - Avis Funkhouser Fithian and mother, Merle Funkhouser.

w30taylor.jpg - Taylor Fithian, son of Avis and Taylor Fithian senior, November, 1945.

w30taylora.jpg - Christine Freiburg, daughter of an advertising executive, working for R. J. Funkhouser, and Taylor Fithian, Jr.

w31earl.jpg - Earl and Polly Bunting, Nov., 1945 Christening, Blakeley.

w31gall.jpg - Frank and Jayne Gall. (Frank Gall was a horse trainer). Frank Gall lived at the gatehouse, adjacent to Blakeley. Ruth F.: "They were dear friends, to the kids especially."

w31hen.jpg - R.J. Funkhouser, Dot and Bill Henesy, son of R.J. sister, Goldye.

w33.jpg - "Blondie," cocker spaniel at the 1943 Christening party.

w33ajstvic.jpg - Justin Funkhouser leaving Funkhouser Industries

w34a.jpg - Blakeley house, winter, 1945

w34b.jpg - Blakeley drive, winter, 1945

w34c.jpg - Blakeley with tree, winter, 1945

w34d.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser, Frank Gall, winter, 1945

w34f.jpg - Jeep, Blakeley, winter, 1945

w35.jpg - Paul L. Weaver and horse in winter

w35gthouse.jpg - Blakeley, lived in by Frank and Jayne Gall; in 2001, Dr. Linda Shields.

w36rj.jpg - Earl Bunting, Peggy Morningstar, R.J. Funkhouser, with Forrest and Early Davis

w37.jpg - Christmas tree with Robbie, Blakeley.

w37a.jpg - Blakeley, back of house

w38.jpg - Horses, 1946. "This is our stallion. The horse's name was Rodney."

w39rj.jpg - R.J. and Robbie on horse

w39carter.jpg - Carter Hall horse show, 1946. "Carol Funkhouser on horse with a ribbon. She had many ribbons."

w39gall.jpg - Frank Gall

w39carol.jpg - Carol Funkhouser

w39grass.jpg - Robbie, Ruth, Carol, Gail, and Jane resting at Carter Hall horse show, June 8, 1946.

w40inpool.jpg - More swimming at Claymont in summer, 1946.

w41jerry.jpg - Jerry Goodwin Funkhouser on a paint pony - "just riding that day" in summer, 1946.

w41jackie.jpg - Jackie Goodwin Funkhouser in pool with man, summer, 1946.

w41.jpg - Justin and Ruth Funkhouser in summer clothes, Claymont, summer, 1946

w43.jpg - R.J. Funkhouser's business group. Ruth Funkhouser: "Jay Wingate, (old family friend, His grandson lost an eye in the war). Teddy Ablitt (second from left), Ruth, Marshall Dierrson and Mrs. Dierrson, Justin Funkhouser, Mr. Quivey, Col. Frohman, Mrs. Frohman, Mrs. Van Zandt, R. J. Funkhouser, Mrs. Quivey."

w45horsea.jpg - "ch. c 1 year - King Cole - Notas Sociale"

w45horseb.jpg - "br F 1 yr. King Cole - Short Run"

w45horsec.jpg - "Gr. c. 1 yr. Chicuelo - Bao Breaks"

w45horsed.jpg - "b. c. 1 yr. Bull Moose - Sure Miss"

w46carter.jpg - Carter Hall Horse Show June, 1946

w47carter.jpg - "Rodney"

w48cths.jpg - June, 1946 Charles Town Horse Show, yearling class.

w49bryvil.jpg - Berryville Horse Show, August, 1946 - " Carol, Robbie and Michael Gall driving "Pete" in buggy.

w50.jpg - Peggy Clarke's photo of Ruth Funkhouser in hat with feathers in 1942. Ruth Funkhouser: "My sister, I guess, was going to church maybe, she was just playing around. She went over the only way she could get back to Hawaii. She graduated during the war and wasn't allowed back. So Daddy got her a job with one of the services and got her a job as an aerial photographer. She went down into the volcanoes and took pictures in a little, old plane. She was good though."

w53ann.jpg - Ann Funkhouser, 1951

w53blake.jpg - interior of Blakeley staircase, 1951

w53swinga.jpg - Carol and Ann Funkhouser on swings, 1951

w53swingb.jpg - Carol, Robbie, and ann Funkhouser on swings, 1951.

w53lucy.jpg - Lucy Jones and Ann Funkhouser, 1951.

w54cowboy.jpg - Robbie Funkhouser in cowboy outfit, Easter, 1947.

w54rj.jpg - Lee, R. J. Funkhouser, Rob Funkhouser, and Carol Funkhouser (RJF's grandchildren), Easter, 1947.

w54bigjohn.jpg - "Big John", Ruth Funkhouser: "The horse that jumped seven feet."

w54lucy.jpg - Lucy Jones sitting on car.

w55boat47.jpg - "In 1947, we had this boat down on the Chespeake Bay. We kept it down there, called "Leda" - on the eastern shore. "Captain Zimmie" and Justin Funkhouser.

w55blak47.jpg - August, 1947, Henry Woodruff and Mary Marsh. Ruth Funkhouser: "Henry Woodruff lived in New York City. He worked for Justin. He was as good a friend as Jay Wingate."

w56apple.jpg - 1947 Apple Blossom Festival - Delores, Henry Beldon, Justin, Teedie Steiner and Ruth Funkhouser at the Funkhouser house in Winchester.

w56applea.jpg - second party scene - Ruth Funkhouser, Jay Wingate, Teedie Steiner, Justin Funkhouser, unknown., 1947.

w56.jpg - car and buggy

w57blak.jpg - back of Blakeley summer, 1948

w58apple.jpg - color picture at Harry Byrd's home left to right: D. Bradshaw, Harry Beldon, Ethlyn McDonald, Reedie Steiner, Rith Funkhouser, Ed McDonald, Eleanor White, Apple Blossom Festival, 1947, Winchester.

w58car.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser in car with shades, "Bossie" Left; Teedie Steiner, Likey B.", Warrenton, Gold Cup, 1947.

w58cara.jpg - Ruth et al. in car view from front of car, Warrenton, Gold Cup, 1947.

w58stud.jpg - North Wales Stud Farm in Warrenton, VA, Ruth Funkhouser:"Walter Chrysler owned it. He had a thing for Justin. He used to seat Justin at his right, and he used to sit his wife 'way down there.'"

w59studa.jpg - Side view of horse

w59studb.jpg - Spectators, Warrenton Gold Cup Races, 1947.

w60.jpg - Carol Funkhouser on Tail Light at North End Horse Show, Washington, D.C. ,1948.

w61breeder.jpg - Virginia Breeder's Show, Warrenton. Carol Funkhouser showing mares and foals, 1948

w61a.jpg - man walking horse

w62.jpg - Carol Funkhouser, 1948

w62a.jpg - Rob Funkhouser, 1948

w64.jpg - Rob Funkhouser, 1948

w65.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser from above, Hawaii, 1948 taken by her sister Peggy Clarke.

w68.jpg - Hawaii, 1948 - John Clarke (with hat), Mrs. John Clarke, Ruth Funkhouser's parents.
w69.jpg - Leaving Hawaii, August, 1948 - "Mother and Muggie"

w80.jpg - November, 1948, Lincoln car clock

w80a.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser, Blakeley, in sunglasses, Jan. 30, 1949.

w81.jpg - Kids on playground (Mike Gall, Carol, Ann, Rob Funkhouser)

w81a.jpg - Kids in tree (Mike Gall, Rob and Ann Funkhouser), Blakeley, January, 1949.

w86.jpg - Justin Funkhouser at Flamingo Hotel, Miami, Feb., 1949

w87.jpg - Justin, Ruth Funkhouser and "Fae" in Key West, Feb. 1949.

w88.jpg - Havana, Cuba, February, 1949. Nacionales Hotel. Ruth Funkhouser: "This is where I got undulant fever I had it about three years. I had to go to the Mayo clinic. They thought it was polio."

w88a.jpg - Havana Race Track, 1949.

w88b.jpg - Sloppy Joe's, Havana, Cuba, 1949

w89.jpg - Ruth F., Fae Equen, Jay Wingate, and "Charlie, our guide". Futh Funkhouser: "Fae Equen was my dearest friend. She and her husband owned 2000 acres of cotton plantations - huge - in mississippi.

w92saddle.jpg - "Kent Miller saddling 'Wingy' at an event in Richmond, spring, 1949.

w92saddle.jpg - Sandy Shupp, Avis Funkhouser's grandchild.

w92clay.jpg - Claymont, 1935 with car in front.

w93a.jpg - "Mommy, Carol, Ann, Rob"

w93b.jpg - "Daddy, Mommy, Carol, Rob, Ann" and dogs

w94a.jpg - Claymont show barn, built by RJF, 1949

w94b.jpg - Blakeley, 1949

w99.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser in bathing suit, Chesapeake Bay, summer, 1950

w99a.jpg - Ann Funkhouser swimming

w100pam.jpg - Pam Funkhouser in snowsuit, January, 1950, Blakeley

w100.jpg - Pet dog named "Bobo."

w101.jpg - Jeannie Wood at Blakeley, 1950, New Year's Eve.

w101a.jpg - Mickey Wood and Frank Gall at train station with convertible, 1950.

w1102.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser: "The boat was called the ‘Noble Impulse,’ named after a stallion. He almost killed me, went out in a storm in the bay against the flags warning."

w104a.jpg - Basement room, Blakeley, 1951.

w105.jpg - Christmas, Blakeley, 1951.

w105a.jpg - Front hall, Blakeley, 1951.

w105b.jpg - "Muggsie" the boxer and car, Blakeley, 1951.

w105c.jpg - Justin Funkhouser with cap.

w108.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser in old fashioned clothes for annual House and Garden Club tour of Blakeley, April 28, 1951.

w109.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser: "Our butler, Dick, was with me for fifty years. His wife, Mae, was our cook. 'Mama Lucy' was his mother-in-law, although they were not married and Lucy turned her head, she said they stayed in two different rooms. Ruth Funkhouser replied to Lucy: 'Well, they walk in their sleep.' I raised the twins (Lucy’s husband died. and Lucy wouldn't let the twins eat at age two there at my table. Her grandchild was black and she didn't think it was right to be eating with my children. I didn't mind. I raised 'em - Mae, the cook, Dick, more or less - her children."

w109a.jpg - Stallion "Noble Impulse."

w110.jpg - Blakeley interiors - hall with piano downstairs.

w110a.jpg - Blakeley living room.

w110b.jpg - Blakeley dining room.

w110c.jpg - Blakeley master bedroom, downstairs to the right of the front hall. "Straight back this hall to the right is where there is a door rear right and there is a master bedroom and dressing room and bath. They used two dressing rooms. They used to use the dressing rooms for the children. They would come for months to stay. They had little rooms right next to the main bedrooms when they would come by carriage. The family used to visit and come for months, bring servants and children. They had these small rooms for the children and the nurses. These three rooms for that purpose have been made into a bathroom and two dressing rooms. Nurses slept on the floor and had cribs for the babies. There were probably three rooms to the master bedroom - for the children and nurses' dressing room and bathroom."

w111.jpg - Sleigh with Justin, Rob, the horse was named ‘The Spanish Ghost,’ 1952.

w111a.jpg - Front door, Blakeley, 1952.

w112.jpg - Randy - Ruth Funkhouser's son -"Goldbaby" the servants called him. 1952

w112a.jpg - Randy Funkhouser in crib, 1952

clay1.jpg - Family (left to right): Robbie, Peggy, Giggie (Peggy. grandchild), Sandy Avis's daughter). R.J. is holding Ann and Taylor, Carol is standing, Lee Steeley.

clay2.jpg - Peggy Funkhouser upstairs to the left in the left wing the last room on the left, bathroom is in here

clay3.jpg - R.J. george noel pres of victor products standing, sitting couple Ruth far right

clay4.jpg - Dining room: "Come in this way. It is all a paneled punch room. They had punch before dinner in that room. He (RJF) left everything in this house. All he took was his bed and went to Pioneer Point sold everything, put everything up in auction - the crystal chandeliers, all the silver -- he left everything here. Chippendale furniture. It was beautiful. My chair - I sat at the right, R. J. made governors sit at the left. This is a very valuable needlepoint he left it there. Isn't that terrible?"

clay5.jpg - R.J. Taylor, sandy and Avis

clay6.jpg - "Peggy Morningstar's family. Back row: Bobby Funkhouser; Peggy's daughter, Judy; her other daughter; Avis; Justin; Delores; Molly; other daughters of Peggy Morningstar in front: Jerry; Peggy Funkhouser; R.J., then Jackie."

clay7.jpg - Peggy dressing room

clay8.jpg - "R.J.'s bedroom. This is his bed. That is all he took, that he took with him. He walked out and closed the door and then completely refurnished and redid the Jacob Rakob place in Pioneer Point. He left everything behind before going there, everything except for the bed."

clay9.jpg - Carriage house at Claymont: "They use it as a garage. It was a carriage house, but they used use it as a garage."

clay10.jpg - the pool

clay11.jpg - "This is the driveway coming to Claymont - beautiful trees, oak garden to the left of the front terraced garden. About four or five huge trees. Thousands of tulips. People would come from everywhere to see them."

clay12.jpg - R.J. photo

clay13.jpg - rear drive up to Claymont

clay14.jpg - Facing from rear servant's quarters - "Carrol Jones, and butler, Lucy's son, you know he went to jail. 'You take the rap and we'll get you out.' Very loyal. All one family. Roy lived in Charles town, was the chef; Mae, Ruth's cook; a maid. One of the maids -- might be sister and brother --- a housekeeper. R.J.'s daughter lived in the house. On the left is his manager. He didn't live on the place."

clay15.jpg - R.J. Lee and Delores

clay16.jpg - Robbie, R.J., Ann, and I am holding her, Carol and Justin

clay17.jpg - Claymont from Blakeley

clay18.jpg - a barn at Claymont, the milkhouse on the way to the house

clay19.jpg - enter walk into a big hall with steps to the left and too the right -- in hall -- this goes in to the ballroom, I don't remember this sofa here ---

clay20.jpg - "Always two rooms in these old houses, some for the ladies for after-dinner coffee and the men would would go into the other room and smoke their cigars. The ladies would be on one side and the men would smoke always. Twin rooms like I have right here --- the room to right --- Peggy left them all. R. J. didn't have any sentimentality."

clay21.jpg - Room to the left with bookcases, as you face straight ahead from the main entrance.

clay22.jpg - Ruth Funkhouser: "Her brother, Percy Morningstar; he did all these houses. He worked for the big New York decorating firm. Morningstar was related to President Lincoln; Peggy's grandfather or great grandfather. He lived in a brownstone house in New York."


clay24.jpg - (left to right) sitting: Roy Steeley and Delores Funkhouser Steeley, his wife; front row, Ruth Funkhouser, _____, ___Jackie; rear, Buck Wysong; Wendy's father; Jackie, second from right, Dick Cain, Buck's brother-in-law, third from right---, R. J., and Justin, back row, right to left.

clay26.jpg - Ann Crewes Strite's children: Toby and Jeff Strite.

clay27.jpg - Randy, R.J., Ruth

clay28.jpg - Kate and John Funkhouser, Randy's Funkhouser

clay29.jpg - Charity's niece and grand niece

clay30.jpg - man with Justin

clay31.jpg - "With the good mare, highest price barren mare ever sold -- "En Casserole" in background.